Printmaking is:
– fast, direct and open to invention
– as precise or fluid as you want it to be
– a partner to photography, painting, fiber arts & more
– fun and accessible for all levels
– a range of techniques, a range of possibilities

Would you like to take a class?   Join the mailing list and let me know your interests and preferred schedule. 

Tuesday is monoprint day!   An on going class where students are exploring all facets of monoprint.

Upcoming classes :   Etching, Gelatin Plate Printing , Collage and more!



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    Hi Kathy,
    I noticed that Sunghee’s 4 part monotype classes which begin on Jan. 12 have different times listed. On this page the classes are posted as Wednesday afternoons from 1 to 4 but on the REPS calendar on the right hand side of the page the classes are listed as morning classes which start at 10 a.m. What time of day are these classes scheduled for?
    Mary Ellen

    • Kathy says:

      Hello Mary Ellen, thks so much for pointing out the error! The Wednesday classes are in the morning, 10-1 as on the calendar. I hope that time slot might fit your schedule, Sunghee has so much experience teaching monotype I’m sure you would enjoy it. Kathy


    Hi Kathy,
    I am interested in taking many of the classes you have scheduled for the months of January & February but I don’t want to take them all this winter. Will some or all these printmaking classed be offered again in the spring? Is the plan to continue to offer these classes on a revolving schedule so that if I sign up for say “Monotype Printmaking” (4 classes) now, the other classes such as – “Corborundum Printmaking” will be offered again in the spring or summer?
    Mary Ellen

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  5. Jen says:

    Thanks for adding me to your e-newsletter!

    Do you ever have 1-day printmaking intensives? I live in Syracuse, too far away for a multi-day class, but would definitely come up for a 1 day workshop, if you ever have them. The Carborundrum class sounds so interesting! And monotypes too- sounds fun.

    Jen 🙂

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  7. Nancy Sadler says:

    Any plans for a basic silkscreening class?

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