LARAC Juried Show, ” Opposites”

Two of my monotypes were chosen for this show, opening is Friday September 6. Lucky enough to have the dilemma of which show to be at, as I have 7 pieces hanging for First Friday on Lark Street at La Luce Boutique. A lovely position to be in!

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Open Studio Tomorrow!

Come visit! Ruby and I will be here 10 to 3 Saturday , September 30. Watch demos or make your own monotype!

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Fun With Gelli Arts® Printing Plates, June 22

I’ve been having a great time getting ready for our first fun class at Macy’s!

On June 22, I’ll be introducing the fun of casual printmaking using gelatin plates to a group at Macy’s in Colonie Center.  Here’s the blurb:

Creative Fun with Paint and Print!

Anyone can discover the fun of printing withthe amazing Gelli® plate from GelliArts®. You will make striking one-of-a-kind artwork with joyful colors and textures.  Kathy will help you craft prints that may be framed, collaged, or scrapbooked in to an art journal.  You will take home your personal artwork boldly printed on to a colorful tote bag!

Kathy Klompas is an engaging artist who has journeyed from textiles to printmaking, using her vivid sense of color and form to create breathtaking works on paper and fabric.  She is owner of Ragged Edge Printmaking Studio, a full function community art facility conveniently located in Cohoes, offering facilities, classes and support for local artists.  Her signature hand-printed silk scarves are available locally at Departures Gallery, Albany Institute of History and Art, Elissa Halloran Designs.

Reservations only require buying a $25 Macy’s gift card, which you can then use to purchase anything in the store.

Gelatin printmaking is quick, interactive and playful.  Simply by freely applying color to a special plate and then printing it on to any surface you create personalized, unique works of art.

I made these sample bags using monoprint techniques like stencils and overprinting which come fast and easy with these great gelatin plates.    It’s a process that is quick to learn, simple to apply, but also holds endless possibilities to discover.

It is always thrilling for me to see people get excited as they begin to understand how much fun it is to create with the power of gelatin plates.   The room fills with smiles and laughter, everyone sharing the play as they make art they can’t wait to take home and show to their friends and family.

Below is a gallery of my personal work using Gelli Arts® printing plates that may offer inspiration, but I hope to you come and join us on June 22 to make your own signature art!


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Encaustic Classes with Ali Herrmann

Encaustic Classes with Ali Herrmann

Vibrant artist Ali Herrmann will reveal the basic techniques that make encaustic printmaking so immediate and powerful for unique, mixed media applications.   You will see the the tools and materials necessary to get started and learn how this technique can enhance your current work.



June 6: Hot for Wax: This class will explore the basics of working with luxurious colored encaustic waxes, in conjunction with wax based pigment sticks. It has the feel of drawing with lipstick, while painting with melted butter and frosting, to create rich and luscious artworks. All materials supplied.

June 13: Layer Upon Layer:  Stencil design is such fun: layout, design, pouncing, lifting, & layering. And there’s an even more fun way to create one of a kind wall hangable artworks with it using encaustic wax! This class will explore using handmade papercut stencils, in addition to store bought stencils, to create layered and recessed works of art. All materials supplied.

June 20: Paper Collage: Do you like working in decoupage techniques? Well then this class might just be for you! Learn the art of encaustic collage using papers, drawings, fabrics and found objects. We will layer, embed and paint with layers of clear wax to give a unique approach to encaustic painting that is reminiscent of decopauge. All materials supplied.

June 27: Water and Wax: Lush watercolors sealed with wax: soft, supple and embedding a sense of depth like no other. Bring out some old, exisitng watercolors to practice and experiment with or make some new ones…either way, we’ll be adding a whole new layer, creating a rich sense of depth with painting layers of hot wax onto watercolors. All materials supplied.

For more information or to sign up, go to Ali’s site


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Learning to make a monoprint

Last Wednesday I got to spend a couple hours with Kathy Klompas at Ragged Edge Printmaking Studio in Cohoes, NY. She invited me to the studio to learn how to make a mono print, after I expressed interest in her works at her show at the Unitarian Society. My background is in painting, with some etching experience, thus I was drawn to the mark making possibilities of a mono print. I found the process very accessible and Kathy to be a great guide. First, I used a brayer to lay down blocks of color (red/pink skin tones) on the plexi glass, then I dipped my paint brush in black ink and drew a face. I brushed on green around the face and added dabs of yellow. I was ready to print. We put the plexi plate on the press bed and, on Kathy’s direction, put it through on medium-light pressure, to avoid ink splotching everywhere (some of my brushstrokes were fairly thick). Peeling the the paper off the plate after printing is always an exhilarating: This is the moment of anticipation! Will the print be good? It was. Thank you Ragged Edge Studio for teaching me to make a mono print; it was a most informative and satisfying experience.

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Simple Collagraph Prints – Come to the studio to play!

Collography is a simple and fun way to develop a printing plate, think of it as making a collage of texture on a rigid substrate. In the example above just two materials, contact paper and sequin waste (think of a shiny roll of metallic material that has had sequins punched out of it) have been used, with a little detail added by cutting in to the substrate to catch ink in those groves.

Using only masking tape, which has a slightly rough texture, I made this simple plate.  The line detail, which shows up after inking and printing,  is just a cut with a razor knife.

A combination of smooth and textured paper glued to the substrate yielded this print. Notice that I used a different inking method allowing for 2 colors.  There is an endless variety of ways to print the plate, so one plate could produce a wealth of unique prints.

Notice how the print is always

Look around for interesting textures.  These prints used mesh from a fruit bag, and a loosely woven craft ribbon.

The examples above show the difference of printing on to dry paper, or getting a richer, more nuanced print using good quality paper that can be used damp.

My studio mate Helga has been experimenting with a plate she made of masking tape and contact paper.   These are just a few of the prints she has pulled so far.

And here are a couple of alternate inkings of the first image in this post:

I would love to invite you to the studio to try your hand at creating your own hand pulled print — drop me a note or contact me on Facebook.

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Fiber Action, Print Passion

“Fiber Action Print Passion,” featuring the work of Kathy Klompas of Clifton Park, is on display during the month of March at Unitarian Universalist Society of Schenectady.  Owner of Ragged Edge Printmaking Studio in Cohoes and a member of Oakroom Artists, Klompas creates bold and vibrant images using thickened dyes and elements of collage. Fiber artist and printmaker Peg Foley will also be represented.

The opening reception is Sunday, March 12 from 1:30 PM to 3:30 PM at 1221 Wendell Ave, Schenectady, NY 12308  The gallery will be open Monday-Friday, 9a–4p,  March 1-27.

More information is available at 

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