Learning to make a monoprint

Last Wednesday I got to spend a couple hours with Kathy Klompas at Ragged Edge Printmaking Studio in Cohoes, NY. She invited me to the studio to learn how to make a mono print, after I expressed interest in her works at her show at the Unitarian Society. My background is in painting, with some etching experience, thus I was drawn to the mark making possibilities of a mono print. I found the process very accessible and Kathy to be a great guide. First, I used a brayer to lay down blocks of color (red/pink skin tones) on the plexi glass, then I dipped my paint brush in black ink and drew a face. I brushed on green around the face and added dabs of yellow. I was ready to print. We put the plexi plate on the press bed and, on Kathy’s direction, put it through on medium-light pressure, to avoid ink splotching everywhere (some of my brushstrokes were fairly thick). Peeling the the paper off the plate after printing is always an exhilarating: This is the moment of anticipation! Will the print be good? It was. Thank you Ragged Edge Studio for teaching me to make a mono print; it was a most informative and satisfying experience.

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Simple Collagraph Prints – Come to the studio to play!

Collography is a simple and fun way to develop a printing plate, think of it as making a collage of texture on a rigid substrate. In the example above just two materials, contact paper and sequin waste (think of a shiny roll of metallic material that has had sequins punched out of it) have been used, with a little detail added by cutting in to the substrate to catch ink in those groves.

Using only masking tape, which has a slightly rough texture, I made this simple plate.  The line detail, which shows up after inking and printing,  is just a cut with a razor knife.

A combination of smooth and textured paper glued to the substrate yielded this print. Notice that I used a different inking method allowing for 2 colors.  There is an endless variety of ways to print the plate, so one plate could produce a wealth of unique prints.

Notice how the print is always

Look around for interesting textures.  These prints used mesh from a fruit bag, and a loosely woven craft ribbon.

The examples above show the difference of printing on to dry paper, or getting a richer, more nuanced print using good quality paper that can be used damp.

My studio mate Helga has been experimenting with a plate she made of masking tape and contact paper.   These are just a few of the prints she has pulled so far.

And here are a couple of alternate inkings of the first image in this post:

I would love to invite you to the studio to try your hand at creating your own hand pulled print — drop me a note or contact me on Facebook.

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Fiber Action, Print Passion

“Fiber Action Print Passion,” featuring the work of Kathy Klompas of Clifton Park, is on display during the month of March at Unitarian Universalist Society of Schenectady.  Owner of Ragged Edge Printmaking Studio in Cohoes and a member of Oakroom Artists, Klompas creates bold and vibrant images using thickened dyes and elements of collage. Fiber artist and printmaker Peg Foley will also be represented.

The opening reception is Sunday, March 12 from 1:30 PM to 3:30 PM at 1221 Wendell Ave, Schenectady, NY 12308  The gallery will be open Monday-Friday, 9a–4p,  March 1-27.

More information is available at RaggEdge.com 

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Singular Impressions

SI Group Shot #1_Crop

Mary Ellen, Kathy. Ruby and Helga remind you that our show Singular Impressions will be up in the Jan Rutland Artist’s Space at the National Bottle Museum until April 7.

We invite you to drop by and take a look!

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Ragged Edge Artists Show

Singular Impressions_poster_33


Please come and join the Ragged Edge Artists at the National Bottle Museum   Ruby, Helga, Mary Ellen, and Kathy will be showing our latest work.

We’d especially like to see you on Saturday, March 7 from 1-4 PM for our opening reception.  All of us will be there, along with the usual opening goodies, and we would love to have the chance to meet with you!

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Kim & I working on painted paper collage.

photo 2 photo 1

See one of the works here.


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Cohoes Artist Showcase 2014

As an artist who owns a studio in Cohoes while living in another town, the best part of Cohoes is how it provides a platform for new creation that seeds the area.  The forward thinking of Cohosians who want to take the great historical legacy of Cohoes and use it to attract new people, new business, new ideas and new creativity has given me and many other artists a place where we can use our art to help reinvigorate a classic and beautiful city. Continue reading

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Choose Cohoes For Art This Friday


It’s a Rockin’ Friday in Cohoes as the Choose Cohoes For Art gang show their stuff at the Cohoes Farmers Market followed by the Canal Square Concert Series, this week featuring local heroes,  BackBeat.

Kathy will be at the Farmer’s Market, with scarves and other works for sale, right across Remsen Street from her new show at Harmony House MarketPlace, which contains images of bits of textile flotsam along the Mohawk that reveal Cohoes fabric history.

Cohoes is a really exciting place to be this summer.  The 3d annual Cohoes Artist Showcase was a great show, and the energy continues.

Our August 10 Tribute Block Printing Class for Lise Toch (Noon-5) only has one seat left open and Kathy continues to do private scarf printing classes for groups of women who want to get together and create wearable art for themselves and each other.

Summer is great here in Cohoes! We hope you join us this Friday!



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Be Like Lise

Lise Toch


Lise Toch loved creating.

It didn’t matter if she was a master of something, or even if she really understood it all.

Lise just loved to create, even trying her hand at something new, something fun, something bold, something full of imagination.

That’s one reason Lise was at the heart of Ragged Edge Print Studio from the beginning.   She dreamed of someplace where everyone could share her delight in making art, in creating.

Lise is gone now, lost to breast cancer, but her spirit lives on with all of us at Ragged Edge Print Studio.   We want to have a special place where people can plunge right in, try something new and create art.

On Saturday, August 10, we invite you to join us to celebrate Lise and her creative energy by letting loose and being creative in the space she helped create.

Terry Conrad and Rachel Zigler-Sheridan are going to lead us through relief printmaking, that classic technique where you start with a block and end up with a range of prints that keep on giving.   It’s a great technique to make something lasting that makes your very personal art, on paper, on cards, on books, on anything.

Because of Lise and her efforts, we have the tools to do this with grace at Ragged Edge Print Studio in Cohoes.

All you have to bring is the spirit of Lise, that bold claiming of creativity, that willingness to try the new.

All the proceeds from this class go to Breast Cancer Research Foundation in Lise’s name, so even your $50 (which includes all supplies) goes to honor the spirit of Lise.

Please, join us on this summer Saturday to Be Like Lise, to take joy in the creativity that she embraced in her life, and embraced in the creation of Ragged Edge Print Studio.

Details are here: A Celebration of Lise Toch: Introduction to Relief Printmaking

Terry & Rachel give a great class so no matter what your skill level you will leave with a new skill, some of your own fresh and lasting art, the warmth of shared learning, a jolt of creativity and the satisfaction of knowing that you have honored the memory of Lise, with your gathering and your cash.

Please join us.   If you are an experienced artist, or you have never made prints at all, there is something in the graceful simplicity of relief printmaking for you.

Lise knew a good thing when she saw it.  She knew that opening up and creating something new was always good.

Why don’t you spend a morning with us and Be Like Lise?


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A Celebration of Lise Toch: Introduction to Relief Printmaking

Please join us as we celebrate Lise Toch, a founder of Ragged Edge Printmaking Studio and the Cohoes Arts Committee who passed away in April, by creating new art and memories. Lise firmly believed that everyone should have the opportunity to express themselves creatively, so we carry on her dreams by learning, teaching and creating. And there will be wine.

Terry Conrad and Rachel Ziegler-Sheridan will guide us through the basics of relief printmaking. We will explore basic carving and inking techniques utilizing wooden or linoleum surfaces.

Proceeds from the class will go to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, bcrfcure.org, in Lise’s name. Continue reading

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