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Fred Neudoerffer and I have a joint show called “Exposing Rhythms”  that continues to April 12 at JRM Artists’ Space @ The National Bottle Museum 76 Milton Ave,  Ballston Spa NY.

This Saturday, March 30, from 1 PM to 3 PM, we will both be there to have a “Meet the Artists / Learn the Process!” event.  Fred’s photographs are special because of the way he plays with exposure and reflection, and my process of printmaking by layering color and mark making is very personal.

We will be talking about how our process affects the images we create.   We invite you to join us.


Artist Statement – Kathy Klompas

The spontaneity and simplicity of monotype allows me to build up rich layers of color, texture and pattern.

Working quickly and intuitively, I manipulate either printmaking inks or thickened dyes on an acrylic plate with a variety of whimsical mark-making tools and transfer that image onto paper or fabric.  To achieve a sense of movement and flow, I work fast, from all directions, expending a fair bit of energy as my thoughts trip, stumble and hopscotch, jumping from shape to shape, ever curious as to how the next stroke of color or pattern will influence the image.

Often I then layer on more color and richness.  Sometimes I crop and reorganize the fragments searching for a pleasing and compelling juxtaposition, as one might weave together thoughts and phrases when trying to express a beautiful or quirky discovery.

A repetition of color or marks might translate from a reoccurring thought, either welcome or nagging, a calendar that lines up a grid of repeated days each with their unique stamp, an observation of structures and architecture, or simply attempting to capture the rippling reflections of sun and surroundings on water’s surface.  I often use a camera to capture images from nature to feed my own work.

Discovering printmaking has been very rewarding.  The techniques are so varied, the results so exciting, that it continually inspires my delight and my love.



“Exposing Rhythms” Meet the Artists / Learn the Process!  Saturday March 30th 1-3pm at the JRM Artists’ Space @ The National Bottle Museum 76 Milton Ave Ballston Spa NY 518-885-7589

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