Encaustic Classes with Ali Herrmann

Encaustic Classes with Ali Herrmann

Vibrant artist Ali Herrmann will reveal the basic techniques that make encaustic printmaking so immediate and powerful for unique, mixed media applications.   You will see the the tools and materials necessary to get started and learn how this technique can enhance your current work.



June 6: Hot for Wax: This class will explore the basics of working with luxurious colored encaustic waxes, in conjunction with wax based pigment sticks. It has the feel of drawing with lipstick, while painting with melted butter and frosting, to create rich and luscious artworks. All materials supplied.

June 13: Layer Upon Layer:  Stencil design is such fun: layout, design, pouncing, lifting, & layering. And there’s an even more fun way to create one of a kind wall hangable artworks with it using encaustic wax! This class will explore using handmade papercut stencils, in addition to store bought stencils, to create layered and recessed works of art. All materials supplied.

June 20: Paper Collage: Do you like working in decoupage techniques? Well then this class might just be for you! Learn the art of encaustic collage using papers, drawings, fabrics and found objects. We will layer, embed and paint with layers of clear wax to give a unique approach to encaustic painting that is reminiscent of decopauge. All materials supplied.

June 27: Water and Wax: Lush watercolors sealed with wax: soft, supple and embedding a sense of depth like no other. Bring out some old, exisitng watercolors to practice and experiment with or make some new ones…either way, we’ll be adding a whole new layer, creating a rich sense of depth with painting layers of hot wax onto watercolors. All materials supplied.

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