Etching Classes September 25 and October 16

Soft Ground Etching with Sunghee Park

September 25, 2010
Noon – 4:00 pm
Fee: $60 plus $12 material fee

The world is full of fascinating textures, from lace to feathers, and with soft ground etching, you can capture those textures and make them an integral part of your art. A traditional technique, it is a favorite because of the wide range of effects created. Combine in your soft ground prints the fluidity of line resembling charcoal or pencil, with the minute detail of everyday objects such as a coin , a leaf or thumbprint.

Soft ground etchings can be made by directly drawing on the coated copper plate to create an impression, resulting in a soft, pencil like line. Gather interesting items such as small coins, fancy laces, feathers, and apply these textured objects to your plate and run it through the press in order to capture detail before etching the plate You will find that the process is fun and easy, and this traditional technique may become your favorite printmaking process.. Learn basic plate preparation in both classical and non-toxic ways.


One Student’s Example Of Soft Ground Etching

Hard Ground Etching with Sunghee Park

October 16, 2010
Noon- 4:00 pm
Fee: $60 plus $12 materials fee

Do you love to draw ? Would you like to make multiples of your art images? Long before the invention of photographic processes, artists have used hard ground etching techniques to capture fine lines and sharp details to create rich, compelling, hand pulled fine art prints. Learn non-toxic etching processes such as plate preparation, proper inking, wiping and printing skills to achieve a degree of creative expression that is exciting and fulfilling.

Hard ground etching is one of the most basic line drawing techniques that allow you to make multiples. Learn the non-toxic copper etching process in the beginner- level workshop. You will learn plate preparation, proper inking, wiping and printing skills. Sunghee will review the basic history of the medium and share with you many samples of her own and student’s works.


One Student’s Example Of Hard Ground Etching

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