Hello from Troy’s Riverfest

Anchoring the festivities at Monument Square is the The Arts Center of the Capital District I stopped in to see all the wonderful work in the annual Fence Salon! It will run until July 27. Here’s the 3 works I submitted. (For a better image of the first piece, and a peek at the ghost print from this plate, check out my blog. )

Riverfest is great fun, with live music, food, street painting and artists selling their creations. I visited with Jennet from Feathered Nest Studio, She’ll be teaching at Ragged Edge next month! Visit Jennet’s blog and visit her Etsy shop!.[sthumbs=397|396|395,160,max,n,center,]
I really wish I had snapped a picture of Jim Summa’s fabulous tie-dye shirt when I ran into him. Jim has taken many classes at Ragged Edge, we first met in a class at The Arts Center He made his dyed his shirt at The Albany Art Room.

I love Kristin Gallo’s colorful hand painted cotton scarves. Aren’t they just beautiful and brilliant in the summer sun? And Kristin’s smile is sunny too! You can check out her handpainted wallets and other accessories on her website, they are super cool.[sthumbs=400|398|399,160,max,n,center,]

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