Nancy Diesnner to teach Photo-based Printmaking techniques

Lise and I had the opportunity to study with Nancy Diessner last summer at Zea Mays Printmaking Studio.  What a great class!  We were so excited about the unlimited potential that we asked Nancy to come to Ragged Edge to teach a class here!


 September 28, 29,30   10 am to 3 pm

October 1, 2
  9am to 4pm

 Photography and Printmaking are not strangers to each other, and in fact can work together beautifully in several different processes. In this class you’ll work with light sensitive Toyobo Printight plates, which are photopolymer plates that are sensitive to photographic and photo-based imagery as well as direct drawing. These plates are exposed to light and developed in water and are much safer than traditional photo-etching, which relies on hazardous chemicals. The class will focus on learning the technical steps needed to create tonally rich photo-based prints, while also bringing attention to your personal imagery and helping you create a strong visual impact using this process.

This photo is from a recent show at the Bromfield Gallery.
Follow this link to read about the show.

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