Print Fair North At Zea Mays Printmaking Studio this weekend!

If you don’t know about Zea Mays, check them out!  It was stumbling onto this event several years ago that got me so jazzed about printmaking that I immediately looked for a class so I could learn.   I have since taken a few amazing workshops at this wonderful studio, dedicated to green printmaking.

The entire building is filled with artist’s studios, and they are all open for the weekend!   Definitely a fun day trip – enjoy a wonderful meal in one of the many great restaurants in nearby Northampton, Ma.

November 13–14, 2010 (Saturday and Sunday) 10 am–5 pm

@ Zea mays Printmaking, Arts and Industry building
221 Pine Street, Studio 320, Florence, ma 01062
(413) 584.1783,

Annie Bissett, Maya Malachowski Bajak, Elena Betke-Brunswick, Joan Dix Blair, Neil Brigham, Anne Burton, Liz Chalfin, Pamela Crawford, Sarah Creighton, Nancy Diessner, Olwen O’Herlihy Dowling, Tracy Ducasse, Sheryl Jaffe, Susan Jaworski-Stranc, Elisabeth King, Louise Kohrman, Anna Lee Lipman, Scott McDaniel, Larinda Meade, Therese Moriarty, Lillianna Pereira, Lynn Peterfreund, Erika Radich, Paul Redstone, Susan Silverman, Terry Rooney, Carolyn Webb, Esther S White, Mark Zunino

  • Print raffle 10 + (to benefit scholarship fund) Starting october 16, you can buy raffle tickets for the opportunity to win prints by ten studio artists + one special print by Barry Moser (+ a $200 gift certificate for a workshop at Zea mays Printmaking).
    Winners will be drawn on Sunday November 14th (you do not have to be present at the drawing to win). Preview the prints on our website at buy raffle tickets at the studio, via phone or mail. $10 per ticket or 3 for $25.
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