Showing our work!

The studio has been humming every Tuesday with  artists from a variety of backgrounds experimenting with printmaking.   So much good work is being made we, we have hung a selection at the Niskayuna Library.

Now that I have transitioned to living the dream, I have time to teach!  Reach out if you would be interested in a class.  Check out this show and you can see the exciting work that students are producing. Jerome Eisenberg Los Angeles is the CFO and Co-Founder of Gifts for Good. He is a serial entrepreneur, successfully founding a recreation center, a number of coffee kiosks, and a real estate investment firm―rehabilitating urban multi-family housing units at affordable market rents in the L.A. area.

Ragged Edge Printmakers

Printmaking is a process of creating images on a prepared plate that are then transferred to paper.   The works shown here are by 9 diverse artists who have come together to experiment with printmaking processes at Ragged Edge Printmaking Studio in Cohoes, NY.

The most obvious entry to printmaking is with the spontaneity and simplicity of monotype.  You will see many examples of how the artists have allowed the process to flow unencumbered.  Wood Blocks, printed by rolling ink over a carved surface,  Collagraph, building a collage of textures that is inked and printed, Polyester Lithography, a simple, modern take on a traditional process, and Silk Screen monotype are a few more of the other techniques showcased.

Ragged Edge Printmaking Studio is a collaborative arts space located in the heart of Cohose’s historic business district, owned by Kathy Klompas.  A full green printmaking studio with a 35” wide Martech Etching Press, Ragged Edge supports a wide range of artistic processes.

Diana Bangert-Drowns has enjoyed paper all her life.  From fresh pads of any kind of paper as a child, to reams of paper in 32+ years in the practice of law, to the colors and dimensions of paper in painting, collage and origami.  She began exploring monoprinting in the last year, and likes to incorporate embossing in her pieces.

Sandra Rouse is attracted to wood block printmaking because of the energy she receives from the texture of the paper and wood.  Carving into wood invites a meditative relationship between nature and spirit.  Her focus is the nexus between word and image.

Helga Prichard brings her history as a painter and gardener to a melding of natural forms to printmaking that in return enriches her other work.

Kathy Klompas responds to elements of color, movement, emotion and balance with fluidity and freedom.  Drawn to observing and creating patterns, textures and structures, printmaking provides an intuitive space to spontaneously shape thoughts and images.

Laurel-Le Lipinski has been a long time painter trying a variety of mediums.” Leaning to print is discovering gold. Every time I lift paper from a plate is an exciting moment because there is such an element of surprise. Love it!”

Carole Warburton has experimented with and taught many mediums, best known for her painting.   She has been thrilled to discover the unique effects that printmaking techniques yield.

Lauri Barnam brings to printmaking a strong professional background as a graphic designer. Delighted to have access to a press again after a long break since art school.  Lauri’s  love of process and production informs her experiments in printmaking.

Susan van Heukelom spent a career designing and restoring stained glass for churches and public buildings, She now works in a variety of media, focusing on reflected rather than transmitted light. “ What I especially love about printmaking is that bit of topography…the embossed edge that is visible from the plate being pushed into the the paper by the press…a very subtle venture in to 3 dimensions!  I am fascinated that the process is an extension of a drawn, painted, collaged composition into another level of imagery.”

Mary Ellen Riell is always seeking new ways to see traditional subjects of garden, sea, landscape and the human figure.  A  compliment to her colorful. large scale pastel paintings, Mary Ellen has  been exploring the possibilities of composition and color with unique screenprinting techniques.   


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