Trace Monotype Class, Wednesday August 4th, 5:30 -8:30 pm

Sunghee will demonstrate and teach the technique of Trace Monotype this week.

Bring a photocopy, an image torn from a magazine or newspaper, or sketch of your own design to get started with.

Trace monotype (also known as transfer drawing) is a direct-drawing printmaking technique. After a plate is inked, a piece of thin paper is placed on top of the inky surface. Using a pen, pencil, stick or any other tools, the image is drawn on the back of the paper. The pressure of the drawing tool picks up a line of ink on the paper as the pen bears down. This very simple method of transferring ink through the touch of a tool to the surface of the paper offers many expressive possibilities. Subtle, immediate mark-making is the pleasure of this printing technique. You will learn how to make a registration system, which allows multiple color drawings with or without a press.

Next Wednesday, August 11th, Kathy will teach Monotype.

Monotype is a simple and spontaneous printmaking, and is a method of producing one unique print. The process is easy to learn; anyone who loves to draw and paint can create one’s own painterly image of print.  In this introductory class, we will use water-based inks to roll and paint in additive methods, and also use a variety of tools to create lines and textures in a reductive way. Learn how to prepare the paper, use the press and create your first monotype.

On Wednesday August 18th, Sunghee will teach Stencil Monotype

Use of positive cut stencils offers an artist the ability to define a shape or a series of shapes clearly. You can have numerous stencils cut to the same shape to use repetitively in your monotype or you can make specific shapes with stencils and use them for your narrative images.

Stencil shapes can be cut prior to printing from a variety papers, which can create different effects on the image.  Strong and thin mylar and acetate have a non-absorbent surface and will carry the ink evenly.  On  the other hand, softer uncoated papers like a brown paper or tracing paper stencils will transfer a diverse amount of ink. This well-liked process allows you to explore many possibilities.

All the techniques are simple and fun.   Layering techniques will allow you to develop more complex and exciting images. 

Join us far any or all of the classes.   You are welcome to give us a call at 723-0094, 289-4046, or e-mail us at if you have any questions or concerns, or just stop by for any or all of the classes.

Class fee is $25 including materials.   We are located at 137 Remsen Street – the side entrance behind Joe Yoga.

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