Be Like Lise

Lise Toch


Lise Toch loved creating.

It didn’t matter if she was a master of something, or even if she really understood it all.

Lise just loved to create, even trying her hand at something new, something fun, something bold, something full of imagination.

That’s one reason Lise was at the heart of Ragged Edge Print Studio from the beginning.   She dreamed of someplace where everyone could share her delight in making art, in creating.

Lise is gone now, lost to breast cancer, but her spirit lives on with all of us at Ragged Edge Print Studio.   We want to have a special place where people can plunge right in, try something new and create art.

On Saturday, August 10, we invite you to join us to celebrate Lise and her creative energy by letting loose and being creative in the space she helped create.

Terry Conrad and Rachel Zigler-Sheridan are going to lead us through relief printmaking, that classic technique where you start with a block and end up with a range of prints that keep on giving.   It’s a great technique to make something lasting that makes your very personal art, on paper, on cards, on books, on anything.

Because of Lise and her efforts, we have the tools to do this with grace at Ragged Edge Print Studio in Cohoes.

All you have to bring is the spirit of Lise, that bold claiming of creativity, that willingness to try the new.

All the proceeds from this class go to Breast Cancer Research Foundation in Lise’s name, so even your $50 (which includes all supplies) goes to honor the spirit of Lise.

Please, join us on this summer Saturday to Be Like Lise, to take joy in the creativity that she embraced in her life, and embraced in the creation of Ragged Edge Print Studio.

Details are here: A Celebration of Lise Toch: Introduction to Relief Printmaking

Terry & Rachel give a great class so no matter what your skill level you will leave with a new skill, some of your own fresh and lasting art, the warmth of shared learning, a jolt of creativity and the satisfaction of knowing that you have honored the memory of Lise, with your gathering and your cash.

Please join us.   If you are an experienced artist, or you have never made prints at all, there is something in the graceful simplicity of relief printmaking for you.

Lise knew a good thing when she saw it.  She knew that opening up and creating something new was always good.

Why don’t you spend a morning with us and Be Like Lise?


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