Notes from “Monotype: An Artists View” by Michael Mazur

“Monotypes are unique impressions of ink transferred to paper
from a relatively nonporous surface upon which an image has been painted…
there are as many approaches as there are practioners.

“Degas’s Café-Concert Singer” was all I needed to get started.
This  tiny, explosive image, a spontaneous gift of the artist’s spirit,
seemed to have breathed directly on the paper in one magical gesture.”

“A great deal of surprise is built into printmaking.
Lifting the paper off the printing surface is a tense and revelatory moment.”

My introduction to printmaking began with monotype, as taught to me by Sunghee Park. I loved the variety, simplicity and spontaneity of the technique so much,
I had to be coaxed to move on to sample other techniques!

Sunghee shared with the class an article by Michael Mazur, published in “The Painterly Print – Monotypes From The Seventeenth Century to The Twentieth Century“.

Perhaps these notes from a brilliant artist will encourage those with little or no printmaking experience to give it a try.

Our upcoming Water-based Montotype class will give you an opportunity to
experiment, play and delight with other artists in a casual, fun workshop.

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