Open Studio – Wednesdays 4pm to 8pm

Come and Make Art!
Wednesdays 4pm – 8pm $20

First Visit Free!

Lise and I would love to build a community of artists to share our studio with.  We will have the studio open each Wednesday from 4pm to 8pm so please come to play!

If you have never tried printmaking, don’t be afraid to join us! We can get you started with a simple project.

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2 Responses to Open Studio – Wednesdays 4pm to 8pm

  1. Mary Frances Hatfield says:

    The Open Studio is very tempting to me.
    I put Wednesday the 17th on my calendar and will try to make that happen. I’ve taken classes from Sunghee in Troy and have worked just a little on my own but that was some time ago.
    Am eager to get back to it and to work with black ink in Monotype.

    Mary Frances

    • Kathy says:

      Super! Look forward to seeing you, Mary Frances!
      We have the traditional oil based black ink that you would have used at the Arts Center, but you may want to try our Akukolor Inks, a “green” ink. Sunghee has been working with them at the Arts Center now that she has been using them at our studio. Clean up is a breaaze – no solvents needed!


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