Relief Printmaking Class, Saturday, November 20

Introduction to Relief Printmaking

with Terry Conrad and Rachel Ziegler-Sheridan

Saturday , November 20, 1pm-5pm
New class added Saturday, December 11, 1pm-5pm
$50 plus $12 supply fee

The tradition of artists carving blocks of wood to create prints combining text and images dates to the seventh century.

Albrecht Durer explored the technique, and elevated it to an independent art form.

Modern and contemporary artists as diverse as Henri Mattise, Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol and Robert Indiana have all dabbled in relief printmaking.

Learn the skills to enjoy the uniqueness of printing from a wooden surface for yourself.

This class will explore basic carving and inking techniques utilizing wooden or linoleum surfaces. You will  create multiple prints,  learn  to print by hand, as well as with the use of the printing press, and develop a foundation for further explorations.  Relief printed images are well suited for posters, cards and books.


Rachel Ziegler-Sheridan and Terry Conrad are a husband and wife team that have co-taught book binding and relief printmaking. Rachel is also an Early Childhood Educator who attended Alfred University and The College of St. Rose. Terry attended Cranbrook Academy of Art and Alfred University. They believe their workshops should be a casual setting open for exploration so individual interests can be explored.

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4 Responses to Relief Printmaking Class, Saturday, November 20

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  2. Peter Hallock says:

    How many students do you need for a class?

    • Kathy says:

      Hello Peter,

      Thanks for your interest in the class. We can usually run a class if we have at least 2 students, so grab an friend! If it is the Relief Printmaking you are interested in I can put you in touch with Terry . His availability would be weekends or possibly evenings.


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