Ragged Edge Beads Presents: Framed Rocks and Cabachons: November 29, 2011

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Last year I came across the technique of what I like to call wire framing. I started framing cabachons, but realized that I enjoyed framing all sorts of treasures (e.g. agate slices, beach glass, stones alone the road. I now want to share this fun technique with you. The wonderful thing about wire wrapping stones is you can use a variety of wires; however, I will focus on using 21 square wire and 18 half round wire with you all (for more material information please see previous post or email raggededgebeads@gmail.com).

If you are disappointed that you have missed some of our fun lessons, we will occasionally be hosting “Make Up Class Days.” As the head teacher of Ragged Edge Beads; I may ask my wonderful students to help guide you in these lessons. In addition to their guidance it would be my privilege to work with you as well!

Also, if you are interested in taking any of the past classes with a group of 5 or more people please contact us at raggededgebeads@gmail.com for availability.

On a happy note, we are proud to be offering more classes through Hudson Valley in the Spring. The classes will be held at the Ragged Edge Print Studio, but they will provide us with the opportunity to expand our community!

Meeting dates for the Fall -Early Winter Season will be on Tuesdays from 5:00-7:30 with flexibility (contact us):

November 29, 2011-Framed Wire Wrapped Cabochons, Agate Slabs, and Flat Pieces

December 13, 2011-Beaded Necklaces with Wired Pieces and Wires-S Clasps

December 27, 2011-Make Up Class-Anything from Past Lessons is Game


  • Studio: $5
  • Teacher: $10 (Liz LaPorte)
  • Materials: $5 or less on average
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