Ragged Edge Beads: the Polymer Clay Jewelry Experience

Starting January 10, 2012 from 5:30-7, Ragged Edge Beads will be starting our polymer clay jewelry experiments. We will have four classes  followed by a make-up and hang out session.

January 10, 2012–The first class we will be learning the basics of polymer clay and talking about compatible materials and colors; cook times; adding odds and ends; clay mold use; and the final steps in a simple piece polishing and glazing.

January 24, 2012–This class will be follow by applying textures to the clay to design our beads. We be using stamps; buttons; “cookie” cutters; and more to discover the endless designs and techniques we can do with something so simple.

February 7, 2012–Our third class will be textures and layers to make beads and pendants. We will using using all the same materials as the previous class and more. I will show you how to using powders, embossing finishes; and acrylic paints to make your pieces one of a kind.

February 21, 2012–On our last class we will focus all our previous techniques, tiny designed images, and endless tools to make our own cain(pieced beads).

March 6, 2012–At our hang-out session we will have all the materials available to continue any techniques from the series. In this class we will focus on either making up a class you missed or combining your polymer creations into unique jewelry pieces.

Materials: Here is a list of the materials we will be using for the classes–I will have materials with me; but you may have your own design ideas in mind with things around your house.

  • Polymer Clay (I use sculpey)
  • Small Shape or Cookie Cutters
  • Clay Molds
  • Stamps
  • Buttons
  • Clay sculpting materials
  • Clay cutting tools
  • A variety of powders-shimmer and dimension
  • Acrylic paint
  • small paint brushes
  • Odds and Ends (small beads, watch parts, nuts and bolts, etc.)-for adding different design aspects to our pieces
  • Paper and colored pencils for designing and notes

Fees: Class-$10; Studio: $5; Materials: $5ish

This classes are for people of all ages with all different experiences. If you have any question please email, Liz LaPorte at raggededgebeads@gmail.com.



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