Photopolymer Print Class: December 10-11, 2011

Below is a preview to the small group learning experience on how to turn their digital images into fine art prints using the photopolymer process at Ragged Edge Print Studio on November 11, 2011.

  • First, using Photoshop on a computer in the studio, we converted our images to grayscale and printed them on transparency material using an Epson photo printer.
  • The transparencies were then used to make an exposure test plate.
  • The test plate was processed and used to make a test print that could be viewed to determine the proper exposure for a final print plate.
  • With the proper exposure determine a final print plate was exposed and processed.
  • Once dried and hardened, the plate was used to make prints.

We hope you will join us now or in the near future for this hands-on experience.

Basement plate exposure and processing area

Tucked behind the red curtain, a plate is being exposed.

Basement plate exposure and processing area

Processed plates being force dried with a hair dryer.

Basement plate exposure and processing area

Our instructor, Colleen, teaches us about mixing ink and inking plates

Basement plate exposure and processing area

With test prints, plates and transparencies spread about, students examine a finished print

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